WYO Wallet

WYO Wallet
How To Earn Cashback:
  • For every order that you place and is delivered, you will successfully receive credits of 10% of the total order amount
  • Credits will be added to your wallet as soon the order status turns to completed
  • Maximum Credits that you can earn per order is 300
  • Credits earned will expire in 180 days

How To Earn Cashback:

  • Login to the account which has credits
  • Add products you like to the cart
  • Ensure that you have products in your cart which are not discounted as wallet can't be used on discounted items
  • You can use your wallet credits to pay partially for you orders as ber below calculations
    Product Price% Product Discount Can Be Used From Wallet
    Products with the price of less than 300.10
    Products with the price range of 300 - 399.15
    Products with a price range of 400 - 499.20
    Products with a price range of 500 - 599.25
    Products with price 600 and above.30
  • Even if the percentage of discount available for the product price and your total cart is higher, but at the end it will depend on the credits you have

We will try and help you out! 

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You can check your wallet credits in your account details.