We believe everyone should be able to express themselves and should not be restricted because of the product cost. Hence we have introduced lite and premium in certain products. Lite fabrics are of good quality while being pocket friendly, and as the name goes premium fabric is made to last longer and have better finish and quality.  Do go through below. 

ProductsFabric DetailFabric ContentGSMFinishColour FastnessShrinkage
As per the weave and wash of the fabric, the cotton fabric gets different names. We pick the best available fabric as per the requirement of the product. This varies to 5% margin because of different colour and treatment required. Gram Per Square Meter, it suggests, fabric thickness. The finish is a term used for a process post dyeing to give a certain texture, feel to the fabric. Colour Fastness varies due to soap and water contents too. It is always a safe option to wash the garment separately for the first time. To conserve water and reduce wastage, we do not get pre-shrunk fabric. 5% is within the limits as the material stretches to adust as per your body shape. 
Premium Round Neck Tshirt, V Neck Tshirt, Full Sleeves, Half Sleeves, Tshirt Dress, Crop Top, 3/4 Sleeves24 Cotton Single Jersey100% cotton180Bio Wash & Silicone Finished3%-4%2%-5%
Lite Round Neck Tshirt24 Cotton Single Jersey80% - 100% Cotton160-180Bio Wash3%-5%2%-5%
PQ Polo Tshirt, PQ Dress30 Poly Sinkar PQ Polo52% Cotton 48% Polyester200-210Silicone Finished3%-4%2%-5%
BoxerPoplin Cotton100% cottonNA (Poplin aren't measured using GSM)Soft Finish3%-4%1%-3%
Joggers24 Poly-Cotton Single Jersey52% Cotton 48% Polyester190Silicone Finished3%-4%2%-5%
Premium Winter Wear, Zippers, Hoodies, Jackets, SweatshirtsFleece100% Cotton or 80% Cotton 20% Polyester 310Bio Wash4%-7%2%-5%
Lite Winter Wear, Zippers, Hoodies, Jackets, SweatshirtsFleece60% Cotton 40% Polyester 280Soft Finish8%-9%2%-5%


  • We use different printing methods to get the best out of designs. 
  • Our print colours remain bright for a longer period. 
  • Prints have been tested for 70 gentle washes.
  • We use HD printing technique for certain products, they are to be washed very gently to ensure their longevity. 

Wash & Care:

  • Do not wash t-shirts, boxers with ruff apparels like jeans, jackets etc. 
  • Always ensure you put your clothes inside out for washing. 
  • Wash clothes on low or half-cycle of the washing machine which is 19-25 minutes. 
  • Choose a gentle wash always. 
  • Never tumble dry for more than 5 minutes. 
  • Do not use brush, bleach or any other fabric surface irritant. 
  • Never iron directly on the print, always reverse it before ironing. 

Love and Care are required for your apparels too! Give them some!