The Year 2020 challenged our love! While it kept us away from things and people we love, we also struggled to express our selflove. It has been truly heart breaking. 

Dawn of 2021 has changed a few things; hope is spreading across the globe. Love has started seeping back in our lives. It is high time we spread more love.


February brings out love in all of us. Through there is some form of social distancing still implemented, we can do a bit more of social sharing. Share your love for people, things, songs, poetry, life, pictures, hobbies etc., in all celebrate Love in all aspects of life.


How do we aim to do this?

  • Sharing stories and news that inspire love.
  • Celebrate real-life love stories.
  • Spread love through joy and laughter using content.
  • Create an environment of an all-inclusive love.


 How can you participate?

  • Create a post/ reel/ video of duration on the theme #LoveForAll
  • Share story of Love, it could be about a place, person, incident or anything.
  • Share a creation, poetry, painting, picture, sculpture etc. that you made and symbolizes love.

What Is The Reward?

  • 1st Place: Rs.20000/- Cash prize
  • 2nd Place: Rs 5000/- Cash prize
  • 3rd Prize: Rs 5000/- Gift Card From WYO
  • 4th Prize: Rs. 2000/- Gift Card From WYO

And 10 more prizes for worthy entries. 

Some Ideas

  • Make fun filmy reels with your partner, wearing our couple's t-shirt.
  • Twinning videos with sibling, friends, family, neighbours, anyone you like!
  • Videos with your pets or stray animals!
  • Pictures that showcase love in the most noble and purest way. 
  • Share a speech video or content on your idea of spreading love.
  • Fun videos on Single Life, Self Love are welcomed.

Be creative but the content should be following the theme #LoveForAll

Content Submission

    • Once made, share your content with us, we will review and edit it for you.
    • We will add some frames and some basic aesthetic check.
    • Email us your content or link to silky.g@wyo.in 

  • Post the content on your page, stories, everywhere with following hashtags #LoveForAll , #WearYourOpinion #WYO

  • We will post and repost your content on our social media channels.

How Will We Decide Winners?

  • How connected is the content with #LoveForAll
  • Originality and uniqueness of the content 
  • Engagement, (Likes, Comments and Shares) it receives.

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